The Amedeo Montanari Gallery, founded in 1978, was initially located on the left bank.
A few years ago it moved to the right bank, only steps away from place Beauvau, in the same area where the most famous antique dealers as well Sotheby's, the auction house, can be found.

Galerie Amedeo Montanari Paris

The gallery exhibits a large collection of antique frames from France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, dating from the 15th to the 20th century. It also specializes in original Art Nouveau frames.
We provide all types of framing, antique and modern (matt, silk) so that the works entrusted to us are shown to their best advantage.
Any type of frame can also be custom made.


Art Media Agency

Entretien avec Capucine Montanari-Fleury Capucine Montanari est la directrice de la Galerie Montanari, une galerie spécialisée dans les cadres anciens. Art Media Agency a eu la chance de la rencontrer lors de l'édition 2012 de Paris Tableau où elle a exposé certains de ses (...)

Le Figaro Magazine

A l'occasion du salon Paris Fine Art, le Figaro Magazine présente une sélection d'oeuvres dont un cadre de la galerie Amedeo Montanari.

Terre Verdiane

We are at the center of the prestigious district of the Elysée and it is here that the Amedeo Montanari Gallery, specializing in the antique and precious frames that decorate the paintings of the great masters, opens its doors to the informed public.

Air France Madame

Air France Madame has shown off to advantage a selection of deco objects, accessories and clothing by showing them nested in the frames of the Amedeo Montanari Gallery.

L’Art Plein Cadre

Holland, the other country of the frame In Europe, the Netherlands are in a certain sense a cultural exception in the field of framing. Hardly and belatedly marked by the Renaissance, the frame reflects the sobriety of the protestant taste. Baroque and classical influences come together in it, before quickly giving way to an unbridled and (...)

L’Art Plein Cadre

Spain, between the moorish and the baroque Third chapter of our project dedicated to the Répertoire du cadre européen, marked at the beginning by moorish as well as gothic influences, the Spanish frame adopts, sometimes to excess, the ornamental language of the (...)

Beaux Arts

The image of the month The "Répertoire du cadre européen" lists 800 frames made in Europe between the 15th and 20th centuries. This surreal succession of empty frames leads us to a singular exercise: finding behind each frame – rigid, ornamented, flat, rounded, …- the picture that suits it. A history of painting by the (...)

L’Art Plein Cadre

The French frame on an identity quest. Featuring the history of the frame in France, this is the second chapter of our project dedicated to the Répertoire du cadre éuropéen Synthesizing at the outset different influences, particularly Italian and northern, with the passing of the centuries the frame frees itself of these models to forge an (...)

L’objet d’Art

Répertoire du cadre européen This work, the first one on this subject, claims to be an exhaustive list of the differente styles of frames used in Europe between the 15th and the 20th centuries. It features a trilingual introduction (Italian, French, English) and an impressive catalogue that gives pride of place to Italy and also refers to Spain (...)

L’Art Plein Cadre

If I was told the story of the frame… Amedeo Montanari and Roberto Lodi have just published a Répertoire du cadre européen, a wide-ranging work resulting from their common passion for this objet d’art, the history of which they trace, for L’Art Plein Cadre, across four countries. First stop: (...)

International Herald Tribune

The International Herald Tribune presents the Amedeo Montanari gallery.

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